Survival for Women and Children (SWACH) Foundation is a non-profit organization working in the areas of the field of reproductive maternal and newborn, child, adolescent health, school health, water and sanitation, communicable diseases prevention, mental health and strengthening health systems.

Capacity development

SWACH has undertaken capacity development as one of its core activities since its inception.  It has the experience in designing training packages for different levels of   care providers and has organized training courses for the doctors, health workers and health volunteers in the government, private and NGO sectors…

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A case study of birth defect (Club feet)

A case study of birth defect (Club feet) S 28 years (second gravida she has an 8 years old male baby) had a male baby born on 7.12.16 weighed 2.9 kg at birth. The child was born after a C section at district hospital. She had 3 USGs in pregnancy all was well and the...

Case Study: Tumor in the center of neck

A case study of birth defect (Tumor in the center of neck) S 20 years old delivered a male child after 37 weeks of pregnancy after a normal delivery at community health center. The birth weight was 3500 grams. An ultrasound sound at 6 months of pregnancy showed a...

3 March, World Birth Defects Day

To increase global awareness of birth defects, March 3 marks World Birth Defects Day every year. 

Birth Defects (BD) have been recognized as an emerging cause of under-five morbidity and mortality in the South East Asia region. Prevention and control of birth defects can augment reduction of neonatal and child mortality and accelerate progress towards SDG3.

Organizations working in the field of birth defects, also known as congenital anomalies, congenital disorders or congenital conditions. There are many types of birth defects and this day recognizes our collective voice in raising awareness for all birth defects

An online birth defects surveillance network (SEAR-NBBD) is currently underway and is being supported by the WHO-SEARO and CDC, USA. We are collecting data on birth defects…

We have done some case studies on detection and Follow-up

Please read these case studies and our work..

Birth Defects in the Community

Case Studies on Detection and Follow-up


Lumbar spina bifida

It is a type of neural tube defect which in this case was found to isolated but visible at birth.

Cleft lip

There was a big cleft in the upper lip extending to the nose with a skin tag on the right side…

Lumbar spina bifida

There was a small round structure which looked like a tumor on the lumbosacral..

Talipes equinovarus

The foot had a typical presentation. Their foot was pointing downwards at their ankle…

Training for care for child development

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SWACH works actively in the states of Haryana, UT (Chandigarh), Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Bihar. SWACH has extended services on a case by case basis to other states in the country.

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