Indian system of medicine and health-an awareness generation programme in the rural areas

A promotional scheme for acceptance of ISM&H was introduced in 11 community development blocks in Haryana state in 2001-2002. The objective of this scheme related to awareness generation in the community about the curative role of herbs that are available in the home for use in the treatment of minor ailments and for first aid. SWACH has not only promoted the use of herbs as home remedies, it has helped the practitioners to identify danger signs for referral. At the same time they have been sensitized to promote immunizations, use of safe water and popularize contraception to strengthen public health. The programme has included the training of ISM&H practitioners, to discourage them from using modern medicines since they are not authorized to use them and train farmers to grow commonly used medicinal herbs and plants and their marketing. The scheme is currently operational in two blocks. This is a good model for integration between modern and Indian system of medicine.

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