R 30 years old third gravida delivered on 27.3.17 a male child by C section at GH Ambala. She has one living child and delivered one still birth. She became pregnant only 8 months after the still born child. She had 3 USG and these were all normal she was very nervous in this pregnancy but this time she was supported throughout her pregnancy to have a positive experience. When she went into labour pains she was admitted to district hospital. Pain injections were given to induce labour but this did not help She was told that the baby had assumed breech posture and the fetal heart rate had started to come down So she was delivered by C section.

A male baby was born, and the baby cried soon after birth. When she became conscious she found that the baby had a cleft lip. She was very depressed to hear the news. However she was supported and was able to breast feed her baby. Relatives who visited her talked very negatively and blamed her for the problem in the baby She was told that she must have cut something with a knife during a solar or lunar eclipse and that is why the baby is born with a cleft lip.  From the hospital the family was referred. She went to PGI and she was told that the surgery would be done when the weight of the baby is satisfactory. With support from SWACH she was able to breast feed the baby and she got the vaccinations on time. The baby had a weight of 5.5 kg at 3 months and the baby had surgery for 3 hours She got a lot of support after surgery. However she was scared and she fed the baby expressed breast milk by a katori and spoon. Then at the age of 6 months she started to give the child semi solid foods. She had lots of difficulty in feeding the child. The child often brought out the food and she always felt that the baby spits out due to cleft lip. Slowly the child started to eat and the lip got better. Recovery and support from the SWACH staff helped her overcome her nervousness and fears. At 2 years the weight of the child was 9.5 kg. She has given her child only home cooked foods at the advice from SWACH. The mother played with the baby and massaged the child as per the advice during the follow up on phone by SWACH staff. She has kept sharp toys away from her child since she was very scared that the problem might get worse if she gets hurt by sharp toys. She protected her child since she was scared that the child might get sick and she felt stigmatized when she was with friends or family members. As the baby is not vomiting the food, she has become more confident and is not scared of the problem of cleft lip. She feels that the baby is not different from other children in the society except for a mild blemish which is also likely to get better with age. Her child has made very good progress and the family is very happy. She makes special foods at home now and she is not nervous about feeding her child.

She stated that she was not only nervous and depressed about the child and his appearance but also very unhappy about the problems during the first year of life. She did not like the appearance of her child during the first year. But with passage of time she has started to like her child now. There is good bonding with the child.

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