A case study of birth defect (Club feet)

S 28 years (second gravida she has an 8 years old male baby) had a male baby born on 7.12.16 weighed 2.9 kg at birth. The child was born after a C section at district hospital. She had 3 USGs in pregnancy all was well and the USGs showed no problems. After the baby was born, the father was told that the baby had club feet. He felt that the baby is deformed and he was shocked. The feet were turned inwards. The family was told that it might take 2-3 years to get better. The child was plastered the plaster was changed every week the family felt better as time passed. The baby was supported by staff from SWACH and the concerns of the family were tackled. The baby was breast fed on demand during the first 6 months and the vaccinations were done as per schedule. The baby was massaged twice a day with olive oil.

The plaster was changed once every 1 to 2 weeks. At the age of 8 months an operation was done. The skin got damaged due to injury of the feet by constant movement.   Then they were referred to 32 sector, Medical college chandigarh at one and half year and the family was referred back to the district hospital. Another surgery was done. The child had total of 4 operations started to walk at one and half years, Shoes were made at this age. These are two types of shoes. These are made every 3 months since the size changes. The child is 3 years 3 months the child is able to walk run talk and the child is active and quite intelligent. He is as good if not better than children of his age. Latest weight is 14.5 kg.

The family got nervous and depressed on several occasions during this time but they got a lot of support from SWACH staff. The weight of the child was monitored. The child developed mild illnesses like gas in the tummy, diarrhea constipation, cough and cold chest congestion. These were managed at home with minimum use of medicines. During illness the family supported the child played with the child and continued feeding.

The child was given exclusive breast feeding for 6 months. After that she gave mashed dal pomegranate juice, mashed banana, mashed apple, khichari, sweet porridge, potato and curd, rice kheer, chapatie that was crushed between 6-12 months age. After that the child is on family foods.

The child has developed well according to age. The parents have spent a lot of time and a lot of money on the child. They are very pleased that the problems related to club feet are gone and the child is quite normal now.

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