A case study of birth defect (Tumor in the center of neck)

S 20 years old delivered a male child after 37 weeks of pregnancy after a normal delivery at community health center. The birth weight was 3500 grams. An ultrasound sound at 6 months of pregnancy showed a large tumor in the neck. The family got scared but she was reassured by the doctor. When she was born the family got a shock since they saw a big tumor in the neck. However the head of the baby was normal and the lower limbs were moving. The baby did not have incontinence. The mother got very upset in the post-partum period had a fight and left the home. Therefore cows milk was given as per advice from SWACH counsellor. Undiluted milk was given by a bowl and spoon. The family was asked to support the tumor at all times and prevent it from getting infected and injured through cleanliness and care. The child had been fully vaccinated. The child was brought up by father and grandmother very well. Iron and vitamin D 3 was given The weight gain was steady. The family decided to get advice and treatment from a private hospital.

The father and grandmother had a very torrid time in raising the child despite adverse comments from the neighbours and friends. Tasks like feeding the child by a bowl and spoon supporting the tumor looking at the child’s condition daily, and bringing up the child without the help of the mother were quite daunting but courage persistence and support from the counsellor helped in bringing relief.

The child started rolling over by the age of 7 months when complimentary feeding was started. The child had started to crawl by 10 months age. Care was taken when the child was sitting or standing with support to support the tumor. Operation was done at 10 months of age in a private hospital. The child made an uneventful recovery. After surgery the child was kept in the hospital for a period of 10 days.

The child started to walk and speak at 1 year age and developed understanding of simple commands at one year age. The mother returned home at 18 months age and the family reunion has taken place.

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