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       Management of crying among newborns and young infants

Cry at birth an announcement of arrival in this world
Crying is an important means of communication for the newborn babies. It is the key sign of life at the time of birth. It gives a lot of happiness and comfort to the mother after experiencing the pain of childbirth. The birth attendants in the labour room feel relieved. The near and dear ones waiting outside feel very pleased. Crying at birth helps expand the lungs and is useful in removing any aspirated secretions at the time of birth. In many ways it contributes to intact survival of the child.

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      Case Study –seriously ill low birth weight who has recovered

This is a case study of a baby who was born with low birth weight who was seriously ill during neonatal period. He was brought up by enthusiastic village based parents who are educated and in teaching profession. His life was saved and through the adoption of an integrated home based approach he has grown physically as a normal child without any stunting. He is doing exceptionally well at school at the age of 4 years. This was made possible through transitioning and support provided by SWACH staff with guidance on child nutrition, early childhood development, prevention of accidents and injuries and through immunizations, and early and appropriate response to illness with adoption of measures that would help early recovery from illness. It also illustrates how through support to the mother, lactation can be resumed and exclusive breast feeding assured after the age of 1 month.

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