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Continuum of care and integrated care

Improve reproductive maternal child and adolescent health

Contributed by Dr Vijay Kumar (SWACH), Dr Suresh Dalpath (NHM Haryana), Dr Saket Kumar (MD NHM Haryana)

Reduction of preventable maternal and child deaths as well as still births especially in India and other low and middle level developing countries will continue to be a priority as a part of efforts towards reaching sustainable development goals (SDG). The adoption of an integrated, continuum of care approach has a huge potential to not only achieve the mortality reduction goal but also have a host of other positive effects including reduction in malnutrition (which contributes to about half of under-fives deaths), attainment of full potential for productivity and reduction of adult onset chronic diseases that are becoming a huge burden on the countries and leading to premature deaths. It has been estimated that through 90% coverage, it will be possible to avert additional 149,000 maternal deaths, 849,000 still births and 1,515,000 child deaths. 

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