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Postnatal care – a policy brief

Post-natal period (birth up to 42 days after child birth) is a critically important period of life for the mother and the newborn baby for their survival. There is agreement to use this term in a uniform manner to highlight the importance of special care of both the mother and the newborn baby until at least 42 days after child birth. This recommendation should replace the terms used earlier e.g. post-partum, neonatal etc. The purpose of unification is to be able to have a common understanding amongst the providers as well as care givers. There is a need for a focus on the provision of care to the mother as well as the baby as a dyad.

Contributed by Dr Vijay Kumar (SWACH), Dr Suresh Dalpath (NHM Haryana), Dr Saket Kumar (MD NHM Haryana)

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