A case study of birth defect (Spina bifida)

M is 28 years old second gravida she delivered on 14.11.2015, a male child at sub district hospital by C section. She weighed 3 kg at birth. During 6 months of her pregnancy an ultrasound showed that the baby had a defect in the spine in the lumbar region. She and the family got very scared and started to cry. Friends and relatives made it worse They told them that there could be other defects like big head paralysis of the legs or absence of passage for stools. When the baby was born the family was very scared by looking at the tumor. However they were supported and referred to tertiary hospital (PGI Chandigarh). The child was assessed and the family was told that they should come back after the baby’s weight is above 5 kg. She was supported by SWACH counsellor on breast feeding cleanliness care of the tumor to avoid injury and rupture. Vaccinations were done as per schedule. At 5 months weight had increased the child was taken to PGI and operation was done It was successful and the child was discharged after 6 days. The family was still very scared and nervous. She continued with breast feeding and daily massage .The family spent time to play with the child and talk with the baby on a daily basis. The child started to improve and this encouraged the family to do more for the baby. At one year the child started to walk and at 15 months the child started to speak and understand the commands. At 22 months the child started to eat by self on his own. At this time the child also responded well to questions asked by the parents.

The family is poor has no smart phone, they are daily wagers. They were very worried that the child will be always dependant on them and will not be able to do physical work .They were also scared that the child may not be able to stand or walk. The treatment expenses were provided free by the hospital.

The child is quite smart and will be sent to school in April 2020.

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