Dr Vijay Kumar MD, FAAP MAMS Executive Director and trustee

Paediatrician and Public Health Specialist who has served WHO for 15 years and the World Bank for 2 years. Core expertise is development of Social Paediatrics. His goal is to help achieve stabilization and optimization of implementation strategies and to strengthen capacity of families and communities along continuum of care.

Survival for Women and Children Foundation (SWACH) is based in Sector – 16, Panchkula, Haryana. It is only 2 kms from Chandigarh Railway Station and 7 kms from Interstate Bus Terminus, Chandigarh, the Capital of both Punjab and Haryana.

SWACH was established on 6th October 1988 and was registered under Societies Registration Act. Eminent personalities in the field of Health like Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Kusum Shah and Dr. Santosh Bhargava, were its founding members. SWACH has made substantial contributions from its inception by working closely with NGOs in several states in India, with Ministry of Health and international organizations in the field of maternal and child health and family planning and continue to contribute to the advancement of its mission and goals.

From its premises it works actively in the states of Haryana, UT (Chandigarh), Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Bihar. It has extended services on a case by case basis to other states in the country.

SWACH has developed standardized evidence-based training packages for community-based

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